MAPS A map is a representation of a place. It's got a scale and a legend. A scale of 1:100,000 means that one centimetre on the map equals 100,000 centimetres, or one kilometre, in the place. There are some symbols in the legend. An area with green trees is a forest and a blue line is a river. A black dotted line is a path. There is a small black triangle and a number for a hill. The number, for example 279, means that the hill is 279 metres high. Red lines are roads, and a railway is a black line with smaller lines on it. A black circle on a rallway is a train station. A red area is a city or town. Next to the red area is the name of the city
Пожалуйста Переведите текст на русский и напишете транскрипцию на русский пожалуйста срочно​
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