Use conditional 1. 1. if you (run) , you (catch) a train. 2. i'm sure he (come) if you (invite) him. 3. i (call) you if i (finish) my work early. 4. if you (study) hard, you (pass) your exams 5. if you (pass) the exam, you (get) the certificate. 6. if you (not hurry) , you (be) late. 7. (write) you to me if i (give) you my address? 8. if you (not miss) the train, you (arrive) on time. 9. if i (have) time tomorrow, i (do) it. 10. 10. if it (snow) tomorrow, the children (play) snowballs. 11. if i (not see) you tomorrow, (call) you.​
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